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Vegan Yorkshire Puddings

Yes it’s true!  Due to so many requests from our lovely customers from far and wide, it is now possible to buy our amazing Vegan Yorkshire Puddings!


Available from the cafe, online at or from the following stockists:


If you have a shop near you where you’d like to see them stocked, please let us know! 


Produced using our own secret recipe, they’ve been a huge hit on our Roast Dinners ever since we started, and we’re confident you won’t be disappointed.  A Gluten Free option is also available.  Finally, a Vegan Yorkshire that looks and tastes amazing – no more poor imitations!
Available in packs of 6 they are £5.75 for Standard or £6.25 for the Gluten Free versions.  For best results, allow to defrost thoroughly then bake for 3-5 minutes as per the cooking instructions.


If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

It has come to our attention that people’s Yorkshire pudding tastes are wide and varied – some preferring super crispy, others do genuinely prefer a soggy bottom.

Keith regularly asks me how long he should cook things for and the answer is nearly always ‘I have no idea’. Not what you might be expecting from a chef of over 25 years.

The simple fact is any recipe or packet cooking instructions are not there to be followed to the letter, they are an approximate guide.

Multiple factors may cause cooking times to vary, including but not limited to: How long has the oven been on for? What else do you have in there? Are you going to be opening the door more than once during the cooking period? What temperature was the item when you put it in? – room temperature in summer can be very different to winter.

The timings on the back of the pack are what we consider to be average cooking times under average conditions.

If you prefer a softer pud knock a couple of minutes off the cooking time.

If you prefer a super crispy pud add on a couple of minutes, turning the pudding upside down for the last 5 mins.

Our puddings are cooked traditionally in smoking hot oil in the oven, some of this oil does remain on them and drips off when they are reheated. If you are watching your calorie intake cook your puds on a wire rack over a baking tray to allow as much of the oil to drip off as possible. When cooked wipe gently with a piece of kitchen towel just before serving.

If you haven’t tried our puds before and are planning on cooking them as part of special meal we highly recommend a trial run beforehand.

There is nothing we like more than seeing your plates & sharing the pudding love. Tag us in your posts and tell us how soggy you like your bottom!

Anna & Keith XX

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